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As one of Calgary's top home contractors in Calgary, we look forward to serving you with exceptional care and outstanding customer service. Let's make your home renovation a breeze!

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Where Clients
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Your home is an expression of your interests, habits, and personality. Improving or changing it to better reflect your values should be an enjoyable and exciting experience. At least, that’s what our company believes. We emphasize service, communication, and transparency in all our operations, so you have a seamless home renovation process. We walk you through the expenses and renovations in each room of your home, creating a firm plan of action with you so that both sides can see who they’re working with and develop a relationship of trust. And we build relationships for exclusive pricing from our favourite vendors and distributors. The result is a cooperative, friendly, and professional renovation that leaves you with a truly masterful project that enhances and improves the best parts of your home.

And Quality
Is a Given

As a leading contractor for complete home renovations in Calgary, we deeply believe in the essence of “home improvement.” We refuse to cut corners, use substandard materials, or hire unskilled labor. Our commitment is to be fully attentive to our clients’ needs, punctual, and always willing to go the extra mile. But our drive for excellence isn’t about appearances. With over 10 years of experience in ensuring your dream home renovation exceeds expectations, we’ve learned that our meticulous approach is the only path to guaranteeing our clients are not just satisfied but truly happy, and our projects are resounding successes. We infuse quality into every aspect of our work, from selecting luxury materials and crafting custom components to devising creative solutions that transform your space into the home you’ve always dreamed of. We take deliberate steps to ensure your comfort and understanding throughout the construction process, so you spend less time worrying and second-guessing. In essence, we make quality work our baseline, ensuring the transformation of your space into the home of your dreams is a superior renovation experience from start to finish.

Work With One of The Best Home Renovations Contractors In Calgary 

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An Award-Winning Calgary Home Renovation Company

We’re proud that our company has been recognized as one of the Best Renovation Companies in Calgary by RenovationFind.com. This recognition stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, quality craftsmanship, and ethical business practices. Renovations can be a transformative journey, and our team is here to guide you every step of the way. Homeowners in Calgary know that approaching us guarantees the revitalization of their living spaces and the creation of innovative upgrades that enhance their lifestyle. We are your trusted partner in making your renovation dreams a reality and achieving the home you love.

Why You Need a Top Home Renovation Company For Your Home Improvment Project

Our Areas of Expertise

Home Renovations

Settle in and get comfortable. Fix the squeaky door, paint the office or knock down that wall. We’ll help you critically evaluate your house and turn it into the space that you call home.


The kitchen is the heart of the home and it’s hard to resist the call for custom cabinets, island installations and other culinary constructions. Care to entice us with your creative kitchen ideas? 

Home Renovations

Practical or personal, we’re not here to tell you your reasons for renovating. Our job is to interpret your vision for your home and build it. That’s all there is to it.


Your bathroom is a spot for tranquilty relaxation, luxury and comfort; it deserves a quality upgrade. From replacing tired tiling to swapping in a shower, we’ll handle the whole project with precision and detail in mind.


Add room for the relatives or get some more space all to yourself. We’ll tackle your home addition with our signature devotion to detail and quality-first mentality, resulting in a superior and seamless success.


Basements are wide open spaces just ripe for customization into home theatres or gyms, games areas, wet bars and family spaces. We’re here to realize your vision, so really let your imagination run wild.

What Are You Looking For in a a Top Calgary Home Renovation Company

We Offer Luxury Interior and Exterior Renovations

The #1 complaint against renovation contractors is their communication. Missing start dates, no plans, unexplained budget increase: We aim to fix all that. Weekly updates, progress reports and new challenges are communicated transparently with you, so everyone is in the loop throughout the build process.

We’re adept at handling drawn and approved plans, so please bring any material you have to our discussions. But we also know a thing or two about design ourselves. So, you can ask us for suggestions, drawings, designs, permitting, budgeting and anything else you may need.

Our hard-working, friendly team loves bringing renovation dreams to life. We hire and train qualified, happy team members. The sub-trades we utilize are our partners and we value their expertise and skill. Our whole team understands our commitment to excellence and we succeed together.

Proper pre-construction planning, expert building practices and a proprietary checklist, combined with our extensive Knockout Guarantee, promise superior build quality. Our team is delighted to make something special for others with our unique skills and talents.

Kavaleer is committed to delivering exceptional quality homes within timeframe and budget. We execute seamless and stress-free projects. For your complete peace of mind, we provide our Knockout Guarantee as well as a two-year material and labour warranty.

We believe in transparent cost breakdowns. Proper planning brings confidence, but we always allow for maximum flexibility throughout the build process and get your consent before making any changes. No surprises save time, money, and energy.

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Kavaleer Renovations is distinguished by our focus on renovations, commitment to quality renovations, and our status as a dependable renovations partner. Our dedication to transforming every renovation into a stunning new renovation has earned us the trust of countless homeowners in Calgary.

Renovating Calgary homes and offices is our passiion, and our approach to luxury home renovation is rooted in our understanding that every detail counts. From the initial design to the final touches, we ensure that every aspect of renovating your home meets the highest standards of luxury and quality.

Absolutely. We specialize in breathing new life into older homes, preserving their character while updating them for modern living. Our team is skilled in navigating the unique challenges that come with renovating older properties, ensuring a seamless blend of old charm and contemporary comfort.

A great project is one that perfectly aligns with the homeowner’s vision, enhances the functionality and aesthetic of the home, and is completed with impeccable craftsmanship. At Kavaleer Renovations, we believe in a collaborative process that puts your desires at the forefront of every decision.

For each new home build, we apply our extensive experience and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that the finished home exceeds expectations. Our team works closely with you to capture your vision, turning your dream home into a reality and getting to your renovatiing goals.

Consider the areas of your home that you wish to transform and how these changes will enhance your lifestyle. Think about functionality, aesthetics, and the overall flow of your space. We’re here to guide you through the planning process, ensuring your next home renovation is perfectly tailored to your needs. Renovation projects require homeowners to carefully consider their needs, budget, and the potential impact on their daily lives to ensure a smooth and successful outcome.

Choosing Kavaleer Renovations means partnering with a home improvement company serving Calgary with a proven track record of successful projects. Every home needs love and our commitment to excellence, combined with our expertise in both modern and traditional renovation techniques, makes us the ideal choice for your home renovation project.

home renovations companies calgary

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