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bathroom renovations calgary

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Renovating your bathroom allows you to choose a new path for the space. Switching from a shower stall to a tub is one example of a different path. Reconfiguring the accessories to maximize space or creating a more welcoming atmosphere through colour and materials are some others. With our dedication to quality, planning and supreme workmanship, you can feel confident that any upgrade to your bathroom will increase the property value of your home. When you work with Kavaleer Renovations, you gain access to a team of talented individuals who know what it takes to perform excellent renovations and turn your dreams into a reality. Whether it is a redo or a fresh installation, you’ll be in good hands as we plan and execute quality bathroom renovations in Calgary that look and feel as good as the rest of your new spaces.

What’s Important to You is Important to Us

Your happiness is important to us. Our goal is to turn your dream into a reality, which means that your wants and needs are our key direction. As we proceed together, you’ll be included in weekly planning meetings and receive updates about issues or changes that occur as we progress through the project.

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The Cost of a Bathroom Renovation in Calgary

Bathroom renovations in Calgary are a relatively small expense when included as part of a whole-home makeover. From adding one in your basement to changing the layout of an existing space and everything in-between, we’ll calculate the expenses and plan the build. You’ll know the project’s price before it begins and have the opportunity to make adjustments to the budget as needed. Any unexpected expenses that crop up during the renovation will be detailed and approved beforehand. Together, we’ll ensure all expenses are accounted for so you don’t have to worry about ballooning budgets. 

Explore Your Choices for Bathroom Renovations

Styling Your Vanity

Do you want your vanity to be a masterful showpiece or a piece of furniture full of utility? Choosing from the best options in sinks, mirrors, countertops, cupboards and more, we’ll help you craft an excellent vanity suited to your needs.

We work with quality suppliers to ensure you can choose from a great selection of basins and mirror designs installed by experts. 

Choose the right cupboards for your space, and let us customize them as you see fit. Countertops can match other elements of your home or their own splendour! 

Handles, lights and their design, bidets, tiling, showers and all the rest are given the same scrutiny and attention to detail that you expect from Kavaleer Renovations.

Lighting your vanity with overhanging lights is a great way to get direct lighting on the vanity’s surface, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

Warm or futuristic colours, backsplashes and other accent lighting blend your bathroom’s features into a seamless experience of comfort, utility and style. 

Light up your shower with directional lights or ring your tub with delicate fairy lights. Heck, choose whatever you like, and we’ll make it happen.

Perfect for those Insta photoshoots, late-night confrontations and date night prep, lighted mirrors are the natural upgrade to the reflection experience.

The Perfect Bathroom Lighting

Much like your kitchen and the rest of your home, the right lighting options transform your bathroom into a totally different space. From backlit mirrors when getting ready to soft lighting around the tub or shower, we’ll help you see your bathroom renos in a whole new light.

The Best Tiles For Your Bathroom

Changing, fixing or adding tiling is essential to the Calgary bathroom remodelling experience. Mosaics, trim, flooring, backsplashes, shower stall walls and other tiling applications speak to the massive variety of uses this material has in the bathroom. Invest in the best tiling and get the skill and precision you need with Kavaleer Renovations.

 Ideal for durable decoration, ceramic tiling offers a great material for backsplashes, trim and other opportunities to show off a great pattern or design.

Easy to clean, eco-friendly and magnificently lustrous, glass tiling checks a lot of pretty big boxes. Choose a colour and style that’s right for you and leave our professionals to do the rest.

Hypoallergenic, customizable and durable, these high-value tiles are a go-to option for elegance and style. Let’s discuss your granite tiling options during your free consultation.

A great material known for its purity and widespread appeal, marble tiling is the perfect complement to a modern and luxurious bathroom design.

Choose the tile and the system, or let us give you some suggestions, and our team of expert installers will make your shower room a reality.

Separating the toilet from the rest of the bathroom can be efficient and beneficial for busy homes. We’ll plan the design together.

Making the most out of an en suite bathroom is important, and that includes double vanities that work for both partners.

Store your linens, cleaning supplies and whatever else you want with a discreet and compact bathroom closet suited to your needs.

Changing the Layout of Your Bathroom

We bring a creative mind and passion for innovation to every layout discussion, from ensuite bathroom renovations to the main floor and basement bathrooms. From adding in double vanities to linen nooks and more, we’ll make the most out of your bathroom’s space together.

We’ve Got the Answers

You do not need to have your ideas, but it can help facilitate the planning process. You can get more information about what to consider and when during our free consultation. 

You’ll want more than a single ceiling fixture, that’s for sure. You need enough lighting to shave, apply makeup and shower. We’ll help you consider additional light sources based on the design as well. 

It’s important to have a strong point of inspiration to contribute to your vision of the project as a whole. Make a lookbook, consider the practical aspects of your renovations and ask us lots of questions!

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