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Worth the Investment

Basement Development Calgary

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Add space for your changing needs
Spread out your living space
Increase the value of your home
Earn a secondary income

What's Included
In a Basement Development

There are so many great reasons for a basement development in Calgary: adding space for changing needs, increasing the value of your home, finishing the space for your own peace of mind or even as a secondary suite for rental purposes. Your basement should be a reflection of your wants and needs, so choose the path that best suits your needs and rely on our expertise and professionalism to execute the renovation promptly and precisely. We make it easy to renovate your basement with great planning, budget-forward thinking and a drive to make the most out of your plans and ideas for your home. So whether you’re spreading out your living space, trying to earn a secondary income or looking forward to expanding your family, our team is ready and willing to assist you in making it a reality.

What’s Important to You is Important to Us

& Design

Your priorities and goals are our priorities and goals. We believe that a project is at its best when our client is involved, which is why you’ll get weekly progress updates, and we’ll keep you in the loop of any unplanned changes or hiccups. Ultimately, we only succeed when you’re happy with our results.

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Makes Us Better

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

“We chose to use Kavaleer Renovations to build a legal basement suite. The project came in under budget, and the city complimented the work and told us we did everything right! After the renos, we signed a tenant, which wiped out our entire mortgage payment! Our house was appraised higher than expected, and we paid for the entire reno by refinancing! We are so happy!”

“We employed Kavaleer Renovations for three significant renovations over the past three years: a complete kitchen renovation, an ensuite renovation and garage addition. With every job, we were very impressed with Kyle’s effective communication and attention to detail. He gave his advice freely and was always available to discuss options with us. The team he brought to complete the work was a pleasure to have around. They were polite, respectful, punctual and well organized. The work was done to a very high standard.”

“Very successful project. Well managed by Kyle and his team. We had some issues with work done by a different company last year, but they fixed them right up. Detailing and finishing were excellent on some added built-ins to the office. Very pleased with the result.”

The Cost of a Basement Renovation in Calgary

Basements are great spaces to get creative, but keeping track of the costs is also important. Together, we’ll plan out how you want your basement to look. Our planning, design and budgeting skills are at your disposal for any project, from dry bars and lounges to play areas and guest lodgings. We’ll estimate the costs before the build begins with a firm plan in place. This allows us to make adjustments and understand the scope of the upgrade before any work begins. See how our Fixed Price Agreement can work for you and your home by contacting us today.

Get Started

Explore Your Choices for a Basement Renovation

Optimize for Entertainment & Hobbies

The wide open spaces in basements make them ideal for hobbies and entertainment. As basement builders, we can help you understand your options for home theatre rooms, games areas, man caves, home gyms, she-sheds and more. Our planning and creativity can aid you in developing the perfect entertainment station.

Home theatre rooms are ideal spaces for watching movies just as if you were in the movie theatres. Let’s plan your theatre area together.

Board games, tabletop RPGs, bag toss, pool and other great games can be made better with an environment suited to their needs.

Unwind after a long day, host the after hours decompress sesh or find a place to hide away from big events with a stylish and luxuriant basement bar.

Bro out with the boys or get down with the girls in a space made to appeal to your favourite hobbies and activities. We’ll help you choose great features.

Put together all your favourite equipment and finally get the opportunity to work on your fitness at home. We’ll help make the space suitable for gettin’ them gains.

More Room For Kids

Basement developments in Calgary are the perfect way to give your children more space to enjoy themselves. Whether you’re adding bedrooms, converting the space into a play room or making the ultimate media space for the hottest games, we’ve got the skills and people to make the project a breeze.

Give your kids some space or reclaim a visitor’s sanctuary with extra bedrooms in the basement. We’ll help you envision the best use of the space.

Custom toy chests, safety considerations and other renovations can make your basement play room an even better place for imagination to flourish.

Make a communal space for games and get the family involved with a friendly, welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

Practical Basement Developments

Basements can be many things, which means the sky’s the limit when it comes to utility! We’ll help you convert your underground area into a cozy living room, storage space, art studio or any other practical upgrade you can think of!

Make a space for the whole family to enjoy with a cozy living room decked out in comforting colours and modern design.

Find a place for all your stuff! We’ll help you organize your basement into storage spaces designed for your hobbies.

Make a space for friends and families to seek succor at your home with a basement suite all to themselves.

Earn an Income With Your Basement

Even if you don’t think the cost of basement development is worth it for yourself, it is still worth it when you can gain income from the upgrade. Make yourself the perfect home office, a secondary suite for a renter or a place to organize and facilitate your small business.

Add in the plumbing, emergency escapes, and quality of life upgrades that a secondary suite requires and start enjoying the benefits of passive income.

Transform your basement into a home office for trading crypto, working from home or any other work. We’ll help you make something truly special.

Use your basement space to store inventory, meet with clients and facilitate the needs of your small business with ease.

We’ve Got the Answers

How will I know the best layout for my space?

We’ll work with you to combine your vision and our technical know-how to determine the best design for your desired outcome.

How long will it take to build my basement?

If we’re talking only about the basement, eight weeks is about the average. Of course, we’ll keep you informed every step of the way.

What is the difference between building and development permits?

A building permit is designed to address the life and safety issues of a structure. It gives the authorization to erect, demolish, relocate, alter or repair a structure, or change the use or occupancy.

By contrast, a development permit allows the city to review a development to see if it meets the Land Use Bylaw requirements and any other relevant policies or plans.

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