Complete Home Renovations: Where Do I Start?

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Complete home renovations are huge, ambitious projects that take lots of planning before you can even begin construction. If you’re thinking of totally renovating and reinventing your home, you might be at a loss for where to start. Luckily, this handy guide to home renovations provides all the information that you need to help you get started.

Decide Which Rooms Will Be Renovated

A complete home renovation typically involves most, if not all, rooms, but there may be a few spaces that you want to leave as they are. So, you should start by planning out exactly which rooms will be renovated and what potential order you would like them worked on. Knowing what you want is the hardest part of the process and the more assertive you are, the easier the contractor’s job will be.

Request Quotes From Potential Companies

It goes without saying that complete home renovations are expensive, so you need to know that your budget will cover all the work you want to be done before you begin the project. The best way to get a realistic idea of how much you’ll be spending is to request quotes from different contractors. You can then compare the quotes and decide which will be the best fit for your home renovations.

Draw Up a Design

The contractors that you employ will be following your instructions, so you need to have a clear end product in mind. Drawing up a design of the remodelled house is a good way to visualize exactly how the renovation process will go and what it should look like. Your contractors will appreciate your dedication to the project and have tangible plans to work with as they renovate.

Apply For a Permit

Before you begin a renovation project, you also need to apply for a permit from your local authority. If you don’t, you could be in breach of building regulations, which will result in your needing to remove your renovation as soon as possible. You don’t want to do anything to put all that hard work in jeopardy, so having a permit before you begin will help to keep everything above board.

Start With the Highest-Value Areas

A lot of complete home renovations begin with the rooms that will add the most value to your home. These renovations must be done with extreme care and uninterrupted attention so that the rooms can be totally transformed. Often, the room that will, once renovated, increase the property’s value the most is the kitchen, which is why a lot of complete renovations begin with it. Consider which renovation will improve your house the most and start the project in that room.

Ensure Safety and Comfort at All Times

Even after your renovation is in the capable hands of the contractors, you should not switch off. You need to constantly assess your home, which will be a working building site, for any threats to the safety of your family, the builders or your neighbours. You should also be hospitable and make the builders feel welcome, and apologize to your neighbours for any disruptions that your renovation may cause in the area. Little gestures like these will keep everyone happy and make the process smoother.

For Complete Renovations In Calgary

The Calgary housing market is growing nonstop, so what better time to consider a home addition? If you’re considering a complete renovation, start by following this guide and taking all the necessary steps to contact the best contractors in the area. Then, you’ll be able to increase your home’s value just in time for the predicted boost in the Calgary housing market.

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home renovations companies calgary

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