Your Ultimate Home Renovation Checklist

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Are you tired of looking around your home only to see all the renovations that need to be done? Are you ready to embark on your complete renovations in Calgary? Are you overwhelmed at the prospect of taking on this mighty task? 

There’s no need to be if you use our advice to create your own Ultimate Home Renovation Checklist. We will go over everything you need to consider before you finally get started with remodelling your house to become your dream home.

The Importance of Planning

Although your mind may be filled with visions of drywall dust and faucet selections, completing your home renovations should take less time than planning them. The most important part of your renovations will be accurately capturing and categorizing all of your ideas and then organizing them for execution. Here are some questions you should consider when creating a checklist for your complete home renovation in Calgary.

used wood planks home renovations
Random piles of used hardwood floor planks, baseboards and other materials removed during home renovation.

What Is Your Overall Home Renovation Goal?

First things first: what are your goals when it comes to your home renovation? What do you hope to achieve when all is said and done? Get out your clipboard and walk through your home from top to bottom, even if you already have an idea of what you want to accomplish. This is an especially important step if you are making these renovations with a partner. Ensure they are present so that you are both 100% on the same page as you enter your planning stage.

Once you have made a comprehensive list of the renovations you wish to complete, narrow it down by categorizing wants vs needs. Establish which renovations won’t be essential and can take the back burner if unexpected costs or other complications crop up, as they often do. Make sure you are clear on which renovations are the highest priorities. 

Accurately defining your projects is the best thing you can do to see them through smoothly. Each aspect of your renovations will require supplies, expertise, and its own plan – and some may have additional costs. If your renovation will require specific licensing or professional know-how, you will need to budget accordingly.

Physical Accommodations

With a detailed understanding of your renovation goals, you can now best organize and plan for any accommodations you will have to make during their execution. Are they going to be quick and simple renovations that won’t disrupt your space very much? Do you have pets who will need to be away from the house while you have contractors coming in and out and walls being knocked down? Are you going to have to put some possessions in storage to avoid damage? Keep all of these things in mind, particularly for the sake of logistics and budgeting. 

Budgeting is Best

Now that you know what you’re setting out to accomplish, be sure that you have an accurate assessment of your budget. As discussed in our previous paragraph, don’t forget to make room for the actual accommodations you’ll need to make in your daily life while the renovations are being completed! 

Organize your costs and include a little leeway – at least 10% of the overall expense. What happens if the cheaper material you were going to use isn’t available? Or if your contractor has to go over budget to accommodate an unexpected complication? There’s nothing more frustrating than having to halt a project halfway through because you suddenly realize you don’t have the funds to complete it!

These are the three big tips that we hope will help you with your home renovation project. Don’t hesitate to call the pros if you still need information and help with planning.

Since its inception, Kavaleer Renovations has been one of the most trusted home renovations companies in Calgary. We specialize in building new homes, full custom renovations, and even home additions like secondary suites. At Kavaleer Renovations, we know that building or renovating a home is a big investment and a personal experience and can be daunting at first. That’s why we emphasize clear communication with our clients as a pillar of our business. Whether you need kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations or complete renovations in Calgary, we will be with you from concept to completion.

The first step to building your dream home is to have a 100% FREE no-obligation consultation. Call Kavaleer today to get started!

home renovations companies calgary

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