The Cost of Complete Renovations in Calgary

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The Cost of Complete Renovations Calgary

As homes increase in price and finding the perfect one that isn’t off the market becomes much more complicated than anticipated, a complete renovation to your home becomes an unexpected option. A home renovation can update your current home and forge it into the dream home you’ve always wanted. More so, it can vastly increase the home’s market value and fix any underlying issues plaguing the house and preventing it from reaching its full potential. The sheer size and cost can deter any homeowner from actively pursuing complete renovations in Calgary, but until you ascertain the project’s scope, you should never discount it outright. 

Discover the cost of renovating an entire home, the factors that will increase the average cost, and the benefits of doing a complete home renovation. 

Average cost

The average cost to renovate an entire home can be anywhere from $20,000 to $75,000, with a typical going rate of $45,000 for the average homeowner. In terms of square feet, renovating a whole home can cost around $15 to $60 per square foot and merely renovating a couple of rooms, like the kitchen and bathroom, can cost around $100 to $200 square foot. An estimate of how much a whole renovation can cost is hard to determine because of the many individual factors that will largely increase the cost.


Some of the most crucial costs that are dependent on certain individual elements include the size of the home, the mechanical equipment that is needed for certain homes, and whether demolition is necessary, among many other factors. Some of the other considerations can include:

  • The location where most urban areas will run higher for renovations in comparison to rural renovations 
  • The number of rooms in a home that will need to be renovated
  • Materials used in the renovation include materials on countertops, floors, roofing, etc. 
  • Necessary structural changes
  • New plumbing and HVAC systems that could be essential to implement 
  • The age of the home being renovated as older homes can be more expensive to remodel
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Labour rates

Completing a renovation yourself is an impossible feat that could lengthen the entire project. Instead, hiring professional contractors will relieve much of the stress that goes into a renovation, though such hired help will come at a cost. According to renovation professionals, renovation contractors and labourers usually account for 10% to 20% of a renovation budget and the hourly cost can range from $20 to $150 or more. 


While these prices may seem incredibly daunting and can easily deter anyone from doing a home renovation, many benefits outweigh the high prices attached to the project. A home renovation will significantly increase the value of any home, and if you plan to put your home on the market, a completed renovation will ensure it will sell quickly and for a high price. Another benefit of a renovation is the ability to enhance the comforts, personal aesthetics and efficiency in the home, all invaluable elements to any house. Complete renovations in Calgary will give your home a customized and pristine new look while providing new efficient energy costs through the addition of insulation and new windows. 

Since its inception, Kavaleer Renovations has been one of the most trusted home renovations companies in Calgary. We specialize in building new homes, full custom renovations, and even home additions like secondary suites. At Kavaleer Renovations, we know that building or renovating a home is a big investment and a personal experience and can be daunting at first. That’s why we emphasize clear communication with our clients as a pillar of our business. Whether you need kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations or complete renovations in Calgary, we will be with you from concept to completion.

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home renovations companies calgary

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